Iran Exhaust Company, manufacturer of various kinds of automotive exhaust systems, was established in1983 as Private Company in Iran. It consists of engineering department, manufacturing facilities, quality assurance, laboratory, planning, training, maintenance and repair, administration and human resources, financial-accounting, commercial, R&D departments integrated in company premise in Zanjan, Iran.n
Its current sale turnover is above USD 3,000,000 and its annual production at present is 250,000 complete set exhaust systems. This company is contracting party to supply OEM auto parts of companies such as Sazeh Gostar –Saipa, Bahman Motor, Bahman Diesel , Kadec, Azim Khodro, Zarrin Khodro and also provides aftermarket services. Iran Exhaust Co. was acquired ISO9002 from BQR of US and IEC of England in 2000, QS 9000 in 2003 and ISO/TS 16949: 2002 in 2004 and at the present time we have international standard IATF 16949: 2016 Certificate
Our company has purchased EXHAUST PIPE LINE and it is planning to extend its capacity to 1000000 set per year to supply its customers demand
In this regards, extended its land from 6000 to 20,000 square meters and production department from 2000 to 11,000 square meters and increased the production license from 250,000 sets to 1000,000 sets and also in order to researching on various type of exhausts, got the R&D license from industry, mining and trade Ministry
Regarding reasonable needed fund and necessity of technical supports, Iran Exhaust Company by having enough production space it fully ready to cooperate as joint ventures with global well known technology suppliers and famous brands owners in order to produce Catalyst Convertor and Automotive Air Bag system and be able to be present in the Middle East and Middle Asia Markets such as Egypt, Syria and Uzbekistan and supply their market with our products in addition
We have been supplying passenger car’s Exhaust Systems for Automakers with high quality and aluminized pipes and selling it at competitive prices. We product Front, Intermediate and Tail Exhaust pipes and some accessories. Our Exhaust pipes and Mufflers are made with O. E. M approved material, coated with Aluminum, to give it maximum protection against rust and corrosion and Stainless Steel according to valid standards requested by customer
Our products manufactured by specialized engineers, designers, and manufacturing specialists, using advanced, manufacturing machinery such as several kinds power and Hydraulic Processes, Pipe benders, Shearing, Spot Welding and Seam machines, Lath and Milling Machines MIG-MAG at different amperes, Drilling and seaming machine, etc
We implement quality assurance procedures in our production line that guarantees the lowest possible return rate. Our products validation based on QS 9000 requirements
INCOMING PRODUCTS are inspected and tested accurately, Statistical Process Control (SPC) Techniques and other defect Prevention methods is carried out in accordance with quality plan, nonconforming products are separated, reworked or scrapped and conforming products counted carefully and packed. Packaged final product is inspected and tested carefully and packed and then transferred to the store or other places requested by customer
Drawings, technical documents, specifications and standards, PPAP document and appropriate techniques in APQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning) are conducted, implementation of appropriate projects and activities specially during the Prototype Phase are controlled continually
There is a close interrelationship between Engineering Department and others to ensure the fulfillment of customer needs and expectations
The lab division is equipped with fatigue test, leak test, noise test, durability test, hardness test and thickness test equipment’s and other precise inspection, measuring facilities. The Iran Exhaust Co.’s (IMCO) products are examined and tested by trained and experienced personnel and by methods which meet the customer needs. Quality of Calibration methods and performed tests are assured by documented instruction and procedures
Production Process programming and scheduling, Material providing for difference stages of operations of production line and tracking of the project progress is implemented by this division
 Training requirements for personnel whose activities affect quality, are studied at this division and appropriate education courses are held by company’s own skilled personnel or experts from outside the company.y
 Training effectiveness is evaluated periodically.y
This department includes procurement and purchasing division, sale and distribution division. Evaluation and selection of subcontractors, negotiations and conclusion of a contract with customers, purchasing of materials, parts and accessories, manufacturing and measuring equipment’s, selling of Iran Exhaust products are performed under surveillance of commerce department.t
There is TOTAL PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE (TPM) system that identifies key manufacturing equipment’s, schedules maintenance activities to ensure continuing process capability.y
This system includes totally all the activities and methods performed for preservation and packing of process equipment’s, and measuring tools.s
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Iran Exhaust Co. is the only company which has done aluminum coating on steel (aluminized steel) as a research project which has been approved by Razi laboratory and is the main imported material of automotive industry.y
Iran Exhaust Co. is the first company that has made wide research in the field of CATALYST CONVERTER and is the first canner for Catalyst Converters in Iran and has decided to produce the complete catalyst convert and at the moment has a contract with Bahman Group and performing canning of Mazda for Bahman Motor and DPF canning for Bahman Diesel. Also the canning of catalyst has been done for Iran Khodro within past years.s
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